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Walking Francis’ Way

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St Francis’ Way from Rimini to La Verna has 5 stages covering a total of 110 kilometres (6 stages and 126 kilometres for the Viamaggio Pass - Pieve Santo Stefano alternative route), between Romagna and Tuscany, linking all the places St Francis passed through. 

It forms the north-eastern gateway to Francis’ Way, that leads from La Verna to Assisi and Rome, or to the Franciscan Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence.

It is marked out by the Franciscan symbol of the yellow Tau (common to all of Francis’ Way), along with CAI red and white signposts, which are present on much of the route.

The route branches off to places in the Marecchia Valley that have given birth to important Franciscan figures and where Franciscan presence has ancient origins.

Published by L’Escursionista Editore, the guidebook "Il Cammino di San Francesco da Rimini a La Verna", provides a detailed description of the stages, with historical-cultural insights into the places visited, and a list of accommodation facilities and other useful services for pilgrims.

CAUTION: Before starting out, it’s always best to check if there are any notifications regarding route interruptions and detours.


Rimini - Villa Verucchio | Stage 1

From: Rimini
To: Villa Verucchio
Distance: 22,2 km
Difficulty: easy

Villa Verucchio - San Leo | Stage 2

From: Villa Verucchio
To: San Leo
Distance: 22,5 km
Difficulty: medium

San Leo - Sant'Agata Feltria | Stage 3

From: San Leo
To: Sant'Agata Feltria
Distance: 20,5 km
Difficulty: challenging

Sant'Agata - Balze di Verghereto | Stage 4

From: Sant'Agata Feltria
To: Balze di Verghereto
Distance: 21,9 km
Difficulty: challenging

Balze di Verghereto - La Verna | Stage 5

From: Balze di Verghereto
To: La Verna
Distance: 22,7 km
Difficulty: challenging

Variant Balze di V. - Pieve S. Stefano - La Verna

From: Two stages: Balze - Pieve S. Stefano
To: Pieve S. Stefano - La Verna
Distance: 24,6 + 15,1 km
Difficulty: challenging