About us

L’Umana Dimora is a Catholic-inspired environmental protection association, recognised by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

The Rimini office created Saint Francis’ Walk as an opportunity for sustainable development (cultural, environmental, socio-economic) of the territory, laying the foundations for a shared project.

It inaugurated the route in May 2013, the 800th anniversary of St Francis’ visit to San Leo and the gift of Monte della Verna. It currently deals with maintaining it and carries out cultural animation activities. www.umanadimorarimini.it

Set up in 2018, “I Cammini di Francesco in Emilia Romagna” Association is the organisation dedicated to the walk.

It directly manages or coordinates the organisation of services and activities and deals with promotion, fundraising and development projects. It also manages relationships with public and religious institutions and economic actors in the territory of the walk and Franciscan walks and ways in neighbouring regions.

It is one of the founding members of Saint Francis’ Ways, which brings together organisations, universities and associations active in the promotion of the cultural ways generated by the Franciscan spirit in Italy, other European countries and the Holy Lands.