Due to an interruption on the natural trail along the Marecchia river, it is necessary to take the easier detour described below, which is 1 km longer than the official one. Download the GPS track.
When in Vergiano, after reaching the SP Marecchiese, instead of turning right onto via Pergola (Photo 1),

Vergiano Foto 1 Photo 1

continue straight on the cycle/pedestrian path next to the provincial road, up to Sant'Ermete (1.1 km), then at a small roundabout take Via Savina on the right (Photo 2)

Foto 2 Via Savina Photo 2
Cross it on the pedestrian crossing and continue on the other side for 0.9 km (initially on the pavement), until you find Via Sarzana on the left (Photo 3)

Foto 3 Via Sarzana Photo 3
Take and follow it all the way until it ends on Via Traversante Marecchia, in San Martino dei Mulini (1.5 km - photo 4)

Foto 4 Via Traversante M Photo 4
Here you turn right; after passing a roundabout, cross it continuing on the opposite side, first on the pavement and then on the cycle/pedestrian path. After passing a cemetery and a plant nursery, follow the cycle path that turns left onto Via Pallada (Photo 5)

Foto 5 Via Pallada Photo 5
and then back on the parallel path to the Traversante Marecchia, ending in a small car park where you rejoin the Cammino route.
Those who need to reach Santarcangelo must leave the car park on their right, taking the provincial road and crossing the bridge over the Marecchia. The Cammino continues, leaving the car park on your left side (Photo 6)

Foto 5 Parcheggio Lago Santarini Photo 6
from the barrier, follow the signs that lead in a few meters to the nature trail along the river, at which point you turn left and continue towards the mountain, as per the indications and GPS tracks.



New route from Villa Verucchio to Ponte Santa Maria Maddalena
In the first half of the stage the new route reduces the asphalt sections overall and proceeds in a more natural environment, with very panoramic views along the winter variant. After passing the Villa Verucchio cemetery, after 100 meters you’ll reach SP 15 where the new route begins (Photo 1)

Due to works on the Marecchia river, a section of the route in the Ponte Santa Maria Maddalena area is closed to traffic and the detour described here has been prepared (1.95 km - 25' journey).

Once you reach the barrier, turn right and cross the river ford. On the other bank, take the dirt track on the left and follow it until you reach the parking lot of a restaurant. You exit the gate on the right onto the small asphalt road that goes up, staying on this until it ends at a crossroads where you go down to the left, immediately arriving at the bridge over the river and rejoining the Camino route. Download GPX - Download KML


UPDATE THIRD STAGE: in Novafeltria it is necessary to make a detour, link

After crossing the bridge over the Marecchia river at the entrance to Novafeltria, on the left you will find the access to the cycle path blocked due to works. Continue straight uphill along the asphalt road (via II Giugno), until you reach a T-junction where you turn left (via Enrico Fermi). Continue straight ahead, ignoring a right turn, then via Fermi curves to the right going up to the crossroads with via Aldo Moro. Here you keep left arriving immediately at the SP Marecchiese. Without taking the provincial road, take the downhill road on the left (Via della Gaggia). After crossing a small bridge, continue downhill keeping to the left until the road curves to the right and on the left you find a construction site fence. You must proceed straight through the trees, outside the fence and keeping a sawmill on the right, after passing which you will soon reach the cycle path on the right, rejoining the Camino route.

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