Updates third stage

UPDATE THIRD STAGE: in Novafeltria it is necessary to make a detour, link

After crossing the bridge over the Marecchia river at the entrance to Novafeltria, the access to the cycle path, blocked due to works, is located on the left. Continue straight uphill along the paved road (via II Giugno), up to a T-junction where you turn left (via Enrico Fermi). Continue straight on, ignoring a right turn, then via Fermi curves to the right going up to the junction with via Aldo Moro. Here you keep to the left arriving immediately at the SP Marecchiese. Without taking the provincial road, take the downhill road to the left (Via della Gaggia). After passing a small bridge, continue downhill keeping to the left until the road curves to the right and on the left there is a construction site fence. You must go straight through the trees, outside the fence and keeping a sawmill on your right, after which you will soon reach the cycle path which you take to the right to rejoin the path of the Way.

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