San Leo - Sant'Agata Feltria | Stage 3

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This stage descends again to the valley floor before climbing to the opposite ridge, which borders the left bank of the Marecchia River and beyond which lies Sant’Agata Feltria in the Savio Valley. In the initial stretch, the landscape is dominated by the rocky cliffs of San Leo and Maiolo, a beautiful panoramic route with evocative stretches overlooking deep gullies. After crossing the bridge over the river, we reach the village of Novafeltria that, amongst other things, offers a number of accommodation facilities. Beginning the climb back up, we reach the small town of Torricella, birthplace of the Servant of God, “Blessed” Father Francesco da Torricella.

From the watershed ridge between the Marecchia and Savio Valleys, views sweep over both valleys. Finally, a beautiful path leads down to Sant’Agata Feltria, at the entrance to which are the Capuchin Monastery and the Convent of the Poor Clares (both of which have guest quarters). The village is one of the main Franciscan sites in the Montefeltro region.

CAUTION: On days of heavy rain, the stretch after San Leo, from Poggio to the base of Maiolo cliff, may become difficult due to mud. In such cases, we recommend getting all the information you need in loco and if necessary, taking the asphalt road from Poggio that leads to the village of Maiolo. From behind the town hall, take Via Case Gasperoni and follow it as far as the provincial road, re-joining the route of the Way just above Cà Migliore.

From: San Leo
To: Sant'Agata Feltria
Distance: 20,5 km
Increase in altitude: +840m
Difficulty: challenging
Travel time: 6h30'


GPX: T3_SanLeo_SantAgata.gpx