Rimini - San Leo | Stage 1 MTB

An easy route in the first part as far as Verucchio, that’s also suitable for cycling tourists and excursionists, on either city bikes or MTBs. Almost entirely on asphalt roads with little traffic, dirt tracks and some wide paths.

In the second part, the route is of medium difficulty with little asphalt, beaten paths, a dirt cycle track and a single demanding climb on a wide mule track from Ponte Santa Maria Maddalena to Sant’Igne.

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On Wednesdays and Saturdays, take care when cycling through Rimini Centro and Piazza Tre Martiri as they are market days; we advise getting off your bike and pushing it along Via Dante to the Arch of Augustus.

At Porta Montanara, head straight along Via Saffi on the cycle path and at the traffic lights, continue straight along Via Covignano, effectively following the traditional Way.

Once in Villa Verucchio, leave the park and proceed along Via di Mezzo as far as the no entry sign, then turn left into Via G. di Vittorio. Take the first road on the right (Via Mazzini) and continue until you reach Via Garibaldi on the right. Continue along Via Garibaldi until the intersection with SP 258 (Via Marecchiese), then turn right and at the roundabout, turn left into Via Mondaini. Continue uphill along Via Mondaini for about 600 metres to the Monastery of Santa Croce in Villa Verucchio.

Leaving the monastery behind, after the road that descends to the cemetery, climb for a short distance on another asphalt stretch and then on a dirt track, uphill through an olive grove that leads to just under Verucchio, coming out onto Via Borgo, then follow the asphalt road to the left that takes a wide loop and leads to the centre of the village.

Change (turn left into Via Budrio and right again downhill on Provincial Road 15bis, which leads to Ponte Verucchio roundabout).

Here, follow the roundabout two-thirds of the way round then cross Via Marecchiese, dismounting at the pedestrian crossing. Take Via Dogana and follow it to the next roundabout on Via Marecchiese. Cross the bridge in Torello (Carli Company) and immediately after the bridge, turn right into Via Saiano and re-join the cycle path.

(Source: Vincenzi Primo Gianni, Cristian Reali, Matteo Panzeri)

From: Rimini
To: San Leo
Distance: 45,2 km
Increase in altitude: 1235 m
Difficulty: medium
Travel time: 4h


GPX: MTB_T1_Rimini_SanLeo.gpx