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On Sunday 24 June the maintenance and installation of new tables on the St. Francis' Way - Rimini La Verna was completed. Employ 29 days / man between May and June. Now the Way is even more enjoyable for pilgrims and walkers. Thanks to all the volunteers of the L'Umana Dimora di Rimini association.

In September we will also mark the San Leo variant - Pennabilli - Badia Tedalda - Passo di Viamaggio.


The path is identifiable by the following symbols or signals.

In the important intersections are posts with a sign of the type below

Along the way there are stickers like these on road signs;

the yellow TAU in the white field, sometimes it is combined with the arrow below, to indicate the direction of the route;

where it was not possible to place a post with a large sign, the two matching signals are often found.


And sometimes along the way the TAU has been combined with the red-white CAI paint markings