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This variant is recommended to whom, wishing to conclude in La Verna the Way started in Rimini, without going to Assisi - Rieti - Rome, does not want to give up to go to the Hermitage of Cerbaiolo (which is reached with the first part of the Way La Verna - Assisi). Currently the hermitage is closed and not open to visitors.
Being longer but simpler than the direct route Balze - La Verna, is also to be considered by those who walk the Way in the winter months or, however, is facing the last stage with adverse weather conditions, which could make it too challenging (and also risky), the path on the long mountain and isolated stretch.


Leg Balze - Pieve Santo Stefano

From the center of Balze continue towards Verghereto for a few hundred meters, until you find the road with signs to Pratieghi and Badia Tedalda.
Compared to what is indicated in the guide "The Way of St. Francis from Rimini to La Verna", currently on the market, we recommend taking the scenic asphalt road to Pratieghi. Paths are thus avoided, in areas with poor maintenance and with substantially useless slopes for the purposes of the Way.


Follow the panoramic asphalt road to Pratieghi (5.5 km - 1.30 '- water and bar).

Hospitality: Bardeschi hotel-trattoria. Tel. +39.0575.713035 - +39.0575.713080 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - ​​

Just after the village, take the small road on the right with indication Valdazze, first asphalted, then unpaved and follow it uninterruptedly until you reach the village (km 4.5 km - 1.30 '- water).

Hospitality: Emperor's hut Tel. +39.0575.790132 - +39.0575.795144


Then continue on path 00, until you reach in less than 1 hour) the provincial road that goes up from Pieve Santo Stefano on the right. In case of rain, avoid the path and from Valdazze continue on asphalted road (straight up to intersection with SP Nuova Sestinese, then right up to cross the provincial road coming from Pieve (2.3 km).
When you reach the SP, turn left and follow it uninterruptedly to the Viamaggio Pass (Via Major), which is the border crossing between Valmarecchia and the Tiber Valley (km 5.3 km - 1.45' from Valdazze)


Hospitality: Holiday home "Cà la fonte" - Tel. +39.339.3028614


50 meters before the pass, turn right at the point where there are clear signs for the hermitage of Cerbaiolo (about 5.5 km - 1.30 ').

We provide below the indications for two alternatives.

The first runs first along the Cerbaiolo road for about 400m until you reach a crossroads where you take a wide dirt road on the right that crosses pastures. After about 1 km you reach Le Camerelle (abandoned buildings) and continue straight on the dirt road for another 1.2 km until you reach a large crossroads that you cross straight ahead: the path becomes a path and runs along a small ridge in the woods . After about 700 m from the crossroads, just before you find yourself in front of a cross erected on the edge of a cliff, go down to the right and with a few steep hairpin bends you arrive at the convent of Cerbaiolo.

From Cerbaiolo you go down to the small cemetery and continue towards the valley where you take a dirt road which, in a few hundred meters, enters the dirt road, the Strada per Cerbaiolo that was left further upstream. Follow the dirt road for about 4 km to the valley where you cross the SP 77 which you take on the right for about one km until the center of Pieve S.Stefano.

The second to go in case of bad weather: from the pass take the road to Cerbaiolo, a white road, which ends on the SP 77 about 1 km from the center of Pieve (1.45 '- 2.00 hours). In this case, to visit the convent of Cerbaiolo it is necessary to make a variant and follow the indications on the right that will be found along the road; you will have to climb for about 15'-20 'the path that climbs steeply towards the convent. Then retrace your steps and continue on Strada di Cerbaiolo for about 4 km down to the valley where you cross the SP 77 which you take on the right for about one km until the center of Pieve S.Stefano.



Eremo di Cerbaiolo: Don Claudio +39.338.8589482

Parish of Pieve Santo Stefano: +39.0575.798123 (Spartan hospitality, donative);
Hotel Santo Stefano: Tel. +39.0575.797129;

Distance: 24.4 km

Difference in height: +600 m, -1350 m

Time: from Balze to Pieve Santo Stefano 8h30 '





Leg Pieve Santo Stefano - La Verna

From Pieve Santo Stefano (reference Bar Europa) go along Via Tiberina towards the mountain until you cross via della Casina, which you take to the left to the end, passing under the viaduct of the E45 highway. Continue straight on Via San Lorenzo until the entrance to the driveway of the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Fanfani Camaiti. From here, turn left, bypassing the school complex and continue on the driveway that runs along the ridge on the right bank of the Tiber, indicated as CAI path n.075. After less than a km, turn left onto the CAI path 061, continue straight. As you climb along the ridge, the driveway becomes a trail then path, always well marked and visible; overcome the deviations of the path 076 first on the right and then on the left keeping on the 075 that follows the ridge up to the Passo delle Pratelle (about 10 km - 3.00 'hours from Pieve). At Passo delle Pratelle you cross the intersection and continue on the GEA - CAI 50 path, reaching after a couple of km the meadows of the M.Calvano, maximum altitude of the route, and descending in a few minutes you get to Croce della Calla, at the foot of the Monte della Verna. From here, take the path on the left in less than half an hour to get to the Sanctuary.

Along the way there is no water, except at the "Podere le Querce Dorate - AsvaNara", after about 3 km from Pieve.

Distance: 15,3 km

Difference in height: +1120 m, -400 m

Time: 4h30'


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